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One Board Chick - Charcuterie

The Bajan

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Relax and enjoy the flavors associated with the islands in The Bajan box.  The centerpiece of this box is a carved pineapple bowl* surrounded by prosciutto, pepperoni, honey ham, macadamia nuts, pistachios, almonds, chocolate covered pretzel rods, mozzarella cheese, smoked gouda, manchego cheese, Sweet Tropical Jam, dried mangos, dried banana chips, black grapes, chocolate popcorn mix, candied ginger, and plantain chips.  Assorted crackers are served in a separate box.

*Lunch Box and Table for Two sizes do not include the carved pineapple bowl however does include pineapple chunks on the board.


Photo shows servings for 6. If you choose to remove items, they will be replaced with other ingredients already included in the box.

Want your box to be created on one of our amazing boards?  Just select one under our retail tab and we will create this delicious master piece on a board for you!

Box Inspiration:  My husband LeRoy grew up in Barbados, where the islanders refer to themselves as Bajan.  I wanted to combine some of his favorite foods / snacks from the island into this amazing charcuterie box.  Besides being supportive, sweet, encouraging and dedicated, he has taught me to embrace Island Time, stopping to relax and enjoy life.