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Mud Pie

Smore's Board

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  • 4-piece set. Wooden board holds s'more ingredients, two metal and wood skewers and concrete mini fire pit.
  • Size: board 8 1/2" x 15" | skewer 15" | pit 4" dia
  • A perfect accessory for making s'mores, roasting marshmellows, and much more. Creates a perfect bt the fire enviroment anywhere and anytime.
  • Experience 30+ minutes of real fire time.
  • Use Isopropyl alcohol at 70% or 91%. Isopropyl alcohol burns clean and will not put soot on your ceiling. When properly ventilated no carbon monoxide will generate.
  • Make sure to: fill alcohol only 1" from the top. Keep on a horizontal surface. Use only a long handle match or lighter to light. Wipe out spills immediately. Flame followed fuse. Do not refill while flame is active. Do not flow out, cover to extinguish.
  • WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE. Only burn fire pit within sight. Keep out of reach of all children and pets. Never burn fire pit on or near anything that can watch fire. Do not use in drafty areas. Always leave at least 6 inches between other flames.