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One Board Chick - Charcuterie

The Shirlene

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Need a dessert but want something not traditional?  The Shirlene box has you covered.  This box has an assortment of sweet treats, chocolates and fruits to be the perfect dessert served at your next gathering.  This board contains: chocolate-covered pretzels rods, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pinwheel cookies, chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered blueberries, Danish wedding cookies, chocolate covered Oreos, Hershey chocolate bars, chocolate covered pretzel twists, macarons, Piroutte cookies, lady finger cookies, Ferrero Roche chocolates, white chocolate bar, fresh strawberries, fresh raspberries, and finished with peanut butter mousse dip.

Photo shows servings for 4-6. If you choose to remove items, they will be replaced with other ingredients already included in the box.

Want your box to be created on one of our amazing boards? Just select one under our retail tab and we will create this delicious master piece on a board for you! 

Box inspiration:  I have the most incredible, loving parents that have always been the example of how parents and how marriage should be.  I was blessed to have my mom, who LOVES everything chocolate, also be my best friend.  She is the strongest lady I know...always making sure her family is taken care of regardless of the situation.  She is always game for whatever crazy us girls volunteer for or want to start.  I have seen her face scary challenges with the utmost grace and courage.